Our Name is Our Legacy

Imperial Fire and Casualty Insurance Company honors its roots in Opelousas, Louisiana, in Saint Landry Parish, where our organization began in 1965, and where our Home Office remains today.

Saint Landry Parish was once known as the “Empire Parish” or “Imperial Saint Landry” because of its diverse culture, vast geographic area and the governmental/judicial services located there. The company name was chosen in tribute to that history.

You’ll frequently see Landry the Lion in our communications. Landry represents our financial strength, our “king of the jungle” attitude, and our deep loyalty to our family of employees, agents and policyholders. We enjoy letting Landry’s playful side shine too, reflecting the personal, friendly nature at the heart of all Imperial interactions.

Imperial is a multi-line insurance company offering affordable car insurance, home insurance, and flood insurance. The original organization began offering insurance in 1965. In 1990, Imperial Fire and Casualty Insurance Company was formed to provide personal auto, commercial auto, personal property and flood policies to customers through independent agents. Today, Imperial is licensed in 20 states.

Initially capitalized with just over $1 million, the company currently holds nearly $100 million in assets, and has a policyholder surplus of nearly $30 million. Imperial Fire and Casualty is rated B+ by A.M. Best, the top tier of ratings deemed “Secure” and the DemoTech Financial Stability Rating for Imperial Fire & Casualty is A Exceptional. We are proud of these hard-earned ratings.

Our employees conduct themselves according to our GARD values:
Good Faith & Fair Dealing with everyone we associate with
—Good faith and fairness in dealing with our associates and partners
Accessibility demonstrated by being large enough to matter, but small enough to care
—Accessibility to those we serve through our ability to make a difference and willingness to care
Resourceful in the execution of all our deeds
—Resourcefulness in carrying out our activities, duties and transactions
Dependable actions that can be relied upon by all those we interact with
—Dependability in every action we take and with all of our associates
Our shared beliefs create a strong team environment. We post these beliefs throughout our Imperial offices as a reminder of our shared unity and focus:
Because we are proud to work here:
We believe in honestly supporting each other.
We believe in acknowledging our coworkers’ strengths.
We believe that even if we disagree, we shouldn’t consider each other wrong.
We believe in trying our hardest, especially at the hardest times.
We believe in doing what’s right – first.
We believe in living our GARD values.
We believe in treating our agents, customers, and coworkers fairly.
We believe the office can also feel like home.
Because we provide quality products:
We believe in double-checking everything we do.
We believe in plain talk, not industry jargon.
We believe every responsible person has a right to affordable insurance protection.
We believe in doing what’s right for the customer and the company.
Because we are an industry leader:
We believe we should know our agents by name, and our agents should
know their marketing representative by name.
We believe courtesy should not be based on the volume of the book of business or the size of the agency.
We believe it’s important to listen and more important to hear.
We believe in resolving matters by talking, not emailing.
We believe in keeping the best interest of our agencies – and the agents – in mind.
We believe actions are more important than words.
We believe in celebrating every success as a team.
We believe in being responsive to our agents.
We believe we should leave the world better than we found it.
We believe in Imperial!
Imperial insures peace of mind to customers and agents by providing quality auto, homeowners, and flood insurance products and services at competitive prices, delivered through a strong culture of fairness, dependability, resourcefulness, and positive attitude.